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Where I Need to Be - Kimberly Knight Argggh I was sooo torn between 2 or 3 stars for this book, I decided to have to go with two stars as I truly cannot see myself being drawn to read any future books. The way this book went I can't believe there is going to be a second book! Only 1 thing happened throughout all this and the whole book seem to endlessly go nowhere.

I'm sorry I only partially liked this book. Why? It had no oompf, no drama, the wording felt disconected at times and as for the sex scenes, yes they were there but for me I can catogorically say they really lacked a connection to be believable alot of the time. They just didn't flow, I found too many full stops like, He did this. She did that. No sense of fluidness at all.

So I was disappointed with this, I found myself looking at how much further I had to go and that's always a bad sign.

So sorry guys this one for me was a no no.