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How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire - Kerrelyn Sparks I was quite taken with this book and I will definitely read on into the series to see where it goes. I realise this is an old book and I have read more up to date vampire books in the last year, but saying that after getting over some of the cheesy bits the underlying story and character interaction is very enjoyable.

Roman and his coven are all 'for the greater good' versus Ivan's coven who are 'hardcore suck your mortal blood' vampires and then there's Shanna who gets caught up with the realisation that vampires do exist and finds herself being protected by Roman, which brings with it complications in the form of 'he's a vampire' and 'his harem of woman' that live in his house.

I have to say, if I heard 'Gods blood' once more I think I would have screamed, it was used far too much for my liking.

Nothing spectacular about their powers but then this is seven years old now and much more intricate worlds have been created by vampire authors since, but it's still an enjoyable read nonetheless and worth your time if you like vampire fiction.