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Scandalous - H.M. Ward OK I fricken LOVED this book! I was finding myself trying to slow down so I didn't read it all in one sitting, I wanted it to last a bit longer. A great storyline, preacher girl V sexy artistic painter who paints nude models and I mean literally paints them. It's HOT to the point of imminent volcanic eruption and that's not just the steamy scenes, it just oozes hotness throughout the whole story.

There is is something about the men/women that H.M. Ward writes that their stories capture you (well they do me), I just find I get so caught up in them I love it.

I can't say anything about Jack because it might give a bit of his personality away, but oh boy is he hot. Abby, now you've got to love Abby the preacher girl that's had to curb her cuss words, that is until she's on a forced sabbatical. Where she happens across the one person that helped send her into taking her vows all that time ago. You can guess what happens next, but oh the road ahead is never easy is it and for sure Abby and Jack's is fraught with obstacles that they'll have to overcome if they can.