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No Turning Back - Tiffany A. Snow OH. MY. GOSH! This book was just fricken amazing! It should have come with a warning: you will be glued from page one and your family will disappear until you've finished it, read at your peril! It's worth more than 5 stars for sure.

Not sure where to start but hey let's give it a go.

Kathleen, she's one feisty, very pretty but totally ordinary girl that get's caught up in a whole menage of trouble and that's trouble with a capital T. Attempts on life, espionage, murder, prostitution and many dangerous characters keep you glued to this book. You could say there's never a dull moment when Kathleen is around.

Blane, now he's one dude exuding sexiness, a partner in the Law firm that Kathleen is a runner for, she meets him in a way that is Kathleen, ie: totally not a dull moment, she lands in his lap, face planted straight into it. A man that has beautiful women draped over him all the time and changes women at a fast rate. Can Kathleen trust him?

Kade, now here's another dude exuding primal studliness and sexiness and a total badass, Kathleen meets him after yet another not dull moment when she's been attacked by a man with a knife. Kade helps her out and then she come's across him more often. But can Kathleen trust him?

Mark, is the boyfriend of one of her only friends; Sheila and a whole host of intrigue follows because of them. But can Kathleen trust him as well?

James is the son of the boss who owns the Law Firm, he always been nice to Kathleen but yet again can Kathleen trust him?

CJ is a girl that moves into Kathleen's building, she strikes up a tentative friendship with Kathleen, but again can Kathleen trust her?

This books is choc full of twist and turns, good and bad, murder and espionage but has the underlying romance flowing through it. The romance oozes modern day steamy sexiness and has the electric current of mistrust running all the way through, it just keeps you glued literally until you get to the end to find out were your assumptions correct or is there going to be another twist in the tale.

I absolutely cannot wait to devour the next book in this series. Tiffany Snow is an absolute new favourite author of mine.