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When You Don't Have a Choice - Wendi Cassel This is the first book I've never wanted to review because I am soooo torn.

On the one hand this book had the promise of a great storyline, but on the other hand I felt it did fall short in it's deliverance in a couple of places.

I found myself arguing with the author that an 'English' person wouldn't say that as it was worded how an American would say it. For instance when saying how far Basingstoke was from them, it was measured in kilometers that is just absolutely not something an English person would say, it would automatically be in miles and then maybe converted to kilometers to help the American that was being told. Sorry but that over sight irked me.

Then I found the timeline quite strange especially after the 'incident' I was reading it as though they had been in hospital for days when it turned out it was literally only the next day? And then the whole healing process I was confused by the timeline, it was reading again as though it was a lot longer than it was.

I really didn't like how Brad was treated, even though in innocence, that just didn't sit well with me he was strung along like he was. That made me dislike Hailey a smidge and it's not good to dislike one of the main characters.

I loved Stephen, his character was the best in my opinion, totally affable, witty and a great sense of honour.

The last thing that let this fall a little short was the brush over of sex scenes, the F word was used quite frequently in this book so hence it's already out of the YA audience so why were the sex scenes so tame?

All in all I did enjoy this book, I did like it, but I can't honestly hit the four stars where it states 'I really liked this book.' But I would go so far to say I would give it a 3.5 star rating for the storyline and the fact I finished it and I wouldn't say I had to persevere to finish it, but I can say I wanted some oompf to really hold my attention better.

That leaves me with pondering am I going to read the next book about Hailey and Andrew, to be totally honest I am not sure.