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Fate Interrupted - Kaitlyn Cross I have mixed emotions in truth about this book, I absolutely loved, loved, loved certain bits about it. I mean come on I spat my coffee everywhere when the Smurf's got mentioned, that was so bloody hilarious! I loved the connection between Dean and Evy, but this is one part where I get the mixed emotions. I lost a smidgeon of interest at the point where his past comes back to haunt him and I thought 'oh boy this is so cliche' and the buzz of the book had dissapated a bit. But then it turned up the heat again a little while later at the trap being laid and what he was caught up in and how they were going to cope and overcome it.

The one thing I really HATED about this book is the use of the word 'cum' for a such a good story the use of this word seemed to demean the story to porno mag lingo and ere towards sleeze rather than an excellent contemporary romance that it could attain to be. There are some extremely hot, steamy erotic romance books and trilogies out there at the moment and most of them have kept it upmarket and not used slang, I so wished that Kaitlyn hadn't used it.

Saying that though this book is indeed hot and sexy, I don't know about the first sex scene though, I thought a paper bag was needed and laughed hard when the ski mask was mentioned.

So sadly I have knocked a star off the slang, but it certainly won't detract me from reading book 2, I am really looking forward to hitting that next.