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Private Practice - Samanthe Beck After having read, many many adult romances I love it when one plops into your lap that screams at you what a good read it is and this book does just that. I strongly urge you to read this book if your remotely interested in it, (heck even if your not) as I promise you, you won't be disappointed.

Samanthe brought her characters to life brilliantly, I can't stress enough how glad I am I read this book. Her easy flowing, writing was totally engaging. Tyler is such a lovable bad boy whose actually a lot deeper than his reputation suggests, I just love him and I have to say I love Sparky too. Heck all the people you come across in this book are easy to connect with. The banter within the pages is a great bonus too, the situations as they followed the 'lessons' were so well done, comically in some instances and sexy as hell in others. My only gripe would be I was so happy to be reading this book that I'd have been extremely 'over the moon' for it to have been a couple of hundred pages longer it's that good!

I found this romance to be, engaging, funny, witty, sexy, steamy, visual and actually a really well put together story. It's definitely a book I will read again, I am now a BIG fan of Samanthe Beck, this author has a lot of talent and I hope she churns out many books in the future.