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Wanderlust - Skye Warren 3.5 star read as I had issues with some of the content.

Wow this is a difficult one to review, one could argue that this is simply allowing kidnap and non-consensual sex to be deemed ok where it is absolutely not and never will be. So then you could argue is this a way of passing off Stockholm Syndrome? Uhm it's extremely difficult to answer and I have mixed feelings about the content of this book.

My depth of feelings towards this story is this, I found it be well written, descriptive, visual, tense, raw, shocking in parts but then soft, romantic, captivating...... I could go on, but I couldn't get past the fact that this shouldn't be soft, romantic, captivating in the sense I was finding it?

So one part of me totally understood Hunter and why he was locked into his mindset but then I couldn't get past what he was before the incident that turned him into the person he was in the book? I mean it seemed far too drastic a change to go from being one thing to the demon he was at the start of this book. I can't say any more as it will give away the story. I did like Skye's use of trickery questions from Hunter to gain the end result of what he wanted and making it look like it was permissable to do what he was doing. The manipulation was written well.

Evie had had a not pleasant upbringing, fighting a controlling mother who had issues about her daughter and being trapped in her own home. Yes I could understand her feelings towards wanting to leave, but I found myself completely unsure of her though? Very mixed feelings towards how she was coming across in the book, as though she was a magnet of all things bad that could happen was going to happen to her, that part didn't seem real.

I have read some very dark erotica books with content far worse than this one but there was something within these pages that made this book less digestable than those, I kinda felt this was romanticised more than it necessarily should have been with Evie's feelings towards Hunter and the outcome of certain situations.

To summarise, I am not sure if I would ever read this book again, yes it held my attention but not for the reason it was unputdownable. Some of the story was weak and didn't feel real but yet other times it felt very readable and quite visual. Leaving me with very mixed feelings about what I had just read.