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Beneath Him - C. Shell I am totally unable to give this more than two stars for one massive reason, this smacks of Jodi Ellen Malpas and her utterly gorgeous, dominant and sexy as hell Jesse.......

I may be in the minority here but I feel it necessary to review books as how I feel about them and my opinion must remain true to me, so I am being honest at how I feel about this book wholeheartedly, but put simply it's my opinion, thoughts, it's how I understood the characters and ideas came to fruition and ultimately how this book left me feeling and I am going to be brutally honest.

The similarities between this book and This Man is too close for comfort, yes the story has a different avenue but ultimately everything else is the same, the ring tones on the phone (but on hers in this case), telling Jessica to mind her language, the making of saying 'yes I am yours' during sex, the essence of the dominance and the control is all Jesse, so I wonder why the heck that this author didn't actually say that this is fan fiction? Alex just doesn't have his own identity he's coming across to me as all Jesse and I can't get past that. Ooh and let's not forget the reminder fucks, again an idea from This Man trilogy.

I honestly don't mind reading stories that are similiar but to have taken the whole persona of another as in this case it is what it feels like to me is wrong.

Even Jessica has personality clashes with Ava from This Man, she loses her ability to think straight around Alex, she runs from him all the time, she digs her heels in, she fights the control, she ignores his calls and text messages driving him over the edge etc, etc.........

SOME of the similarities can be overlooked and embraced even but for me there is just TOO MUCH that is similar and ideas that are in Jodi's book are appearing in this and I can't get past that, it is so far beyond similiar it's not right.

I will be reading the following two books just to see if these books follow the same personlity clashes and that is the only reason why.