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Undertaking Love - Kat French Think it's gotta be more like 4.5 stars.

This is Kitty French (author of Knight and Stay) writing as Kat French.

If you looking for a romance that has it's hot moments but not full on explicit, has comic moments and one liners, a great cast of characters, quite deep and sad moments too that will bring either a tear to your eyes or a lump to your throat, then this book is an absolute must.

Kat has a great way with words and uses good references to past and present T.V. and films and personalities eg I loved the liking of The Munsters to the new Undertakers next door. So many more of these sprinkled throughout from The Munster to Bruce Willis (Die Hard) - loved them all! Even Bluey the Great Dane plays his part in this book, he's just adorable.

Some of the comic moments will last with me too, when Marla was on the floor hiding on her Birthday when Gabe was knocking on the door and he posted the note through the letter box, that's a classic what he had written on it (you've gotta read the note to find out what he said!) - that was a laugh out loud moment and great fun!

There are so many things that make this book bloom from ordinary and mediocre to the fun, emotional, great story and great characters that it is, that this book is WELL worth your money and your time reading. I could easily imagine this on a holiday or a lazy rainy Sunday and relaxing whilst reading the unimaginable love story of an Undertaker and a Wedding Chapel owner as they go to war, it's so far away from the norm it's bloody brilliant!