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Playing Patience - Tabatha Vargo .
I was expecting this to be emotional but I wasn't expecting it be as emotional and as deep as it was - and oh boy it so totally was. Intense, emotional, deep, raw and evocative - in other words 'A totally fine read' and well worth a 5 star accolade.

I couldn't help but be drawn to Zeke, I was in his trailer whilst his father was being cruel and also whilst he was trying to be invisible, I was in Finn's garage whilst he was chilling, I was in 'The Pit' listening to them playing and I was in his head all the time. But most of all I understood his decisions right and wrong, he was real.

I was also so connected to Snowflake, I felt her pain, I felt her strength, I was with her as she snuck in quietly hoping to not meet her father, I was with her as she watched Zeke try to push her away, I was with her and feeling her dejection and I was with her when she found love because just like Zeke she was real.

It's impossible to not be with them the way this book is written and it's impossible to not like this sensitive story. Not only though is it shocking what they're having to go through, it does have it's happy times, it's colourful and a great romance, and if your after hotness well there is also plenty of that within this book.

I would say if you enjoyed books like The Edge of Never, Reason to Breath, Heart on a Chain, to name but a few, then you will without a doubt love this book.