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Emancipating Andie - Priscilla Glenn If your tired of cliffhangers and angsty clutch your hands in front of your mouth reads but still want that special feel of romance then this is da-bomb, this will tick every box that needs ticking.

You won't be subjected to a dominating, hard-ass hero you'll meet Chase and you'll fall in love with him. He comes across cocky and a pure wind-up merchant until you see beneath the facade and then oh boy you're caught in his thoughtful, charismatic personna and your in love, which is exactly what happens to Andie and who the heck can blame her. She been cautious ever since she was fourteen and Chase questions her and through her road trip with him, she begins to question her avoidance of spontaneity and begins to live a little.

So if your wanting a slow burn romance, that isn't feisty, BDSM ridden or full of arrogant machoism then your in for a treat. I'd call this softcore romance with a heavy reference of the romance and the building of love between two people. In other words a pleasant change and a light read and a nice placid romance that is really a joy to read.