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Trust in Advertising - Victoria Michaels If you want to have a smile plastered over your face a lot and enjoy a lot of banter; a book with a great ballsy friend, some fun work mates and not a single quivering, shy, understated heroine in sight, then you will love this book. Complete with tongue lashing bitch and some other unpleasant characters this book is just a great fun read from page one.

Yes some of it is predictable but for a great get away read with feel good factor, then this is it. Victoria rolls along with great writing, there is no reminiscing in great detail, the book really does flow well.

It's actually been one of my favourite light reads in a long time, the words just fall on after the other so well, you don't want to skim it as you may miss some really funny banter.

I loved this book so much I could even put up with the odd typo error, could do with someone proof reading it properly but it didn't detract from being a fab romantic novel.