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the proposition - Katie Ashley .
I was easily drawn into this story and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes we can all bitch about decisions on bringing up a baby on our own and the implications of single parenthood and whether we would have the support of friends and family but hey this is not professed to be a true story it's 'fiction' and fiction lets face it, is made up.

I didn't have a problem falling into the characters, I could understand the freedom of Emma and her sexuality after the first night with Aiden and that gave her the gumption to waltz into his office like she did. I loved Aiden, I wanted to smack him upside the head a few times, oh what a commitment phobe he is! I also loved Emma, she is a country girl through and through, pure of heart and easy to get along with, it's such a shame she's had it rough a lot.

I loved the cameraderie throughout the book, it's lightheartedness was a really pleasant read. It was also refreshing that not an ounce of a dominant male was thrown at us and not a meek and submissive heroine in sight and no paddles, whips, leather or cuffs.

But it still had that heart pounding moment of 'oh my god! What the hell is he doing!' I was wondering how this could go into a second book and I am ok with the result from this book and intrigued to see where it could go in book 2.

So for one I really did enjoy this adult romance, even the supporting cast played their roles excellently and that includes Beau!