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Dangerous to Know & Love - Jane Harvey-Berrick Every so often we come across a book that is above par and deserves absolutely every single high praise you could throw at it and by heck this is one such book. Nothing prepares you in the synopsis for what an incredible deep story your about to read and oh how your going to smile, be alarmed, feel pity (which Daniel would just hate you for) and even cry. Nobody should review this book and give a little of the plot away other than Lis finds out his secret and the story really kicks off from there, I mean it was good before then but after; WOW. I wasn't expecting that secret and I don't think anybody would be and the research the author did to bring the secret to life in a very real way just shows how good an author she is.

Truth be told I was a little dubious to be reading yet another teen romance, but how stupid was I to feel like that. Lisanne's naivety from her closeted lifestyle versus Daniel's self assured cockiness, bad temper and playboy tag, he's everything she should avoid and dislikes but then she has to do an assignment with him and then the sparks begin to fly, and fly they did on numerous occassions.

This isn't a soppy love story, there's the F' word galore, fighting, drugs, police to name but a few things you'll encounter. There is also the really cool and great supporting cast too. I wished Rodney made an appearance sooner, I loved him!

This is a keeper and a favourite and I'll definitely be reading it again.