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Conquer Your Love - J.C. Reed Dropped to 3.5 stars, purely on that fact that this is now a trilogy. I wouldn't have started reading these till I knew all parts were out. Authors please start thinking of your target audience and their satisfaction. We are aware that this may be your living but keeping readers in the loop is far more beneficial than peeing us off when we're reading books that don't have a conclusion and we are not being warned of that fact. It's like buying an ice cream and the vendor saying oh you'll have to come back for the topping when I've decided what I can offer. Would you still want to buy the ice cream - NO! There's so many books that are series, trilogies now that our minds are melting in between, it's got to be a damn fine trilogy to keep us engaged and a quick turn around in between releases, or advising at book 1 that it's part 1 of how many - and this just doesn't seem to be happening any more, it's getting to be a nightmare.

So I had reservations and mentioned in my review of book 1 that I hoped this didn't get drawn out into several books and got concluded in book 2. Well imagine my complete disappointment when I get to the end of book 2 and see the dreaded message that this will conclude in book 3! So we started this story in Surrender you love and there was absolutely no mention of a trilogy and I am really displeased that this is now the case. I can't deny this has a hot cover, but the story has weakened and the claws have rescinded and I was gutted it didn't finish in this book, so will I buy book 3, truthfully I really don't know.

The story is still good but I feel it's lost some of it's grip. I felt book 1 was far more intense than this book, the plot and the twist was clever in book 1 but in book 2 it pales in comparison. I feel that book 2 has been a bit of a filler to draw their story out longer, it could have had an explosive conclusion and been amazing now I fear about the content of book 3, will it too be too drawn out or full of the inheritance and the secret surrounding Alessandro and Robert and keep us completely enthralled. This didn't have the momentum of book 1 nor the suspense or intrigue that kept me glued in Surrender Your Love. I don't think the plot advanced on enough, very little actually happened, I didn't find the trip to Italy and meeting Alessandro feeling quite right either. She goes all that way to meet him and only meets him once? Hmmmm.......

So all in all I was disappointed in the content of this book, I was so hoping for a killer finale but it didn't happen, so as I said it's left me uncertain of how book 3 will pan out. The story was clever and great, but it's now only good and I worry that I can't see it clawing it's way back up to being on par with book 1.