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Safe Word - Teresa Mummert Hmmmm I have mixed feelings about this book. On the one hand I totally got their predicament, I didn't quite feel the heat from the seedy element of it though and the crime lifestyle? There is though a lot of intrigue that surrounds their story, it's enough to keep you reading on but I don't feel it was enough to say I was captivated. Maybe it was the jumping from past to present all the time, if you took out the snippets from the past it actually left quite a hurried story of the present. I also don't understand why the ending took 4 years, he had connections it could have been a lot quicker......

I kinda guessed a lot of what was going to happen so it was a tad predictable but I was happy to read on and finish their story. It had a dark-ish edge to it but for me on a quite a tame level. But some of it when you thought it was going to get darker it didn't. Maybe that's me, maybe I've read enough dark erotica that not a lot shocks me now, I don't know but this did feel on the tame side to me.