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Chase - Chantal Fernando, Dawn Martens 3.5 stars

I have to say first, I really don't like the book cover, it didn't exactly draw my attention to wanting to read this story, but I'm glad I did. This is a little harder to review because the story is actually really good, the beginning grabs you and your hooked on finding out about life with Kade, James and the mysterious owner. Then we get to meet Chase the owner and the story is going places and it's keeping me hooked and then after a while I felt it just fell a little flat and slightly stilted. It was as though the direction had been lost a little and I struggled to stay 100% focused with it, it wasn't bad don't get me wrong, it just plodded for a while with not a lot else, no drama, no tension, just day to day happenings, a little boring for me. Then it picked up and delivered more action and tension.

There is no denying Chase is a hot dude, he's a manwhore of the first degree and women throw themselves at him left right and centre, his character comes across well, you don't hate him, heck he's doing everything right for a change well that is until he messes up which is quite a bit actually, but hey he's trying!

I quite liked Layla, she had a really likeable personality, gorgeous as well as level headed, I loved her sense of humour.

I am glad I read this book, I would like to see it edited again and all the little niggling typo's removed as there's quite a few. I wouldn't go so far to say this is an awesome read but it is definitely worth your time if you want hot bods, steamy romance and a small amount of drama. Don't delve in expecting more than that and you won't be disappointed.