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Fading - E.K. Blair Everything and I mean everything to do with this book has been lovingly brought to life by the author. She's taken her time with every detail including the beautiful front cover. It depicts Candace so well.

Be prepared to be blown away by the depth of this book. It's unhurried and gentle pace is absolutely perfect to bring the emotions and circumstances to life.

Ryan, he's a definite book boyfriend, he's macho, sexy, loveable and so caring. I loved the way he treats Candace. The scene when realisation dawns was perfect, I could feel his shock, anguish and pain. Incredibly well delivered.

Candace, oh my god this girl is going to make you cry, she's as beautiful as her ballet and so endearing. What she's subjected too is just horific and the aftermath and her trying to live with it is so well penned, your living it with her and feel all her emotions.

This book is not fast, it's choc full of in depth thoughts, processess and dealing with what's happened Parents that you would want to divorce, the best gay friend ever and a boss who'd I would love to work with, to pick but a few of the people in this book.

I am so glad I read this book, none of it is wasted, you can really tell the author took her time and did her research and delivered a very emotional story and she has done it incredibly well.