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Eversea - Natasha Boyd First I've got to say; I completely get the cover to this book now, I couldn't understand it before, especially as this is a story about a well known A list actor and all that entails meeting a quiet, small town girl the other side of the Country. But I so get the glass now and the significant red piece, it's actually a beautiful cover.

Second I've got to say; Natasha I am so cross with you that you didn't warn in your blurb that is in not a standalone and there's more to come. Yes I am actually really pleased there's more to come but I am SOOO disappointed that I've got to wait how ever many months to get my next fix, shakes head I am really not happy about the wait, I maybe would have waited till they were all out before buying this.

Now onto why I really loved this book. Although this story is very similar to other books out there, ie Actor meets unknown girl and they fall for each other, he's trying to hide etc etc etc, it actually is a stonking good read. I think the dialogue is a major contributor to that too, it's constant all the way through, it's very engaging and cheeky, funny, hot, sensual and sad. The convo's between Jazz and Keri Ann were a joy to read and the references to real life stuff for example when Jazz spews 'The Help' dialogue to Keri Ann, 'You is kind. You is............ that was excellent and just added to you thinking you were following a real life story.

There's no doubt about it Natasha Boyd has a knack with words and I can't wait to get part 2 of their story but please I beg you, complete Keri Ann and Jack's story in book 2 and wow the socks off us, please don't drag their story out beyond that and leave us panting, it's killing us bookies to be kept waiting on books that are being drawn out.