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One Week Girlfriend - Monica  Murphy Well, this one just socked me upside the head! I don't really know why I hadn't read this before, just something about it didn't appeal but then I thought oh heck let's give it a go and quite frankly I'm glad I did!

There was much, much more depth to their characters than I was expecting, maybe I had cliched this book into boy pays girl, girl falls for boy and they live happily ever after.......... well boy does pay girl but oh boy the reason behind him paying is a corker. His emotional state bleeds off the pages the characters jump into your head and settle themselves nicely and when they go home to his parents well, let's just say there is one person I absolutely HATE and oh how I love it that I HATE that person! This element brought fire to the pages, it also brought doubt andd it brought questions about what had gone on between said hateful person and him. I loved it. I also had deep emotions for Fable (maybe that's another reason I hadn't read this I really don't like her name.) Her life and her loneliness was extremely well played, but also the fact though that she wasn't a pushover, she has guts and a mouth and knows how to use it!

I really enjoyed this book, not quite a five starrer for me but it definitely a top end 4. Can't wait to read Second Chance Boyfriend to see where they go from here.