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Down & Dirty - Reese Madison I don't think I've ever come across a book quite like this. On the one had the lifestyle and the characters oozed off the pages and on the other hand bizarre circumstances happen and events at the speed of light, it was hard to swallow some of it. I mean how Carly ends up with Joe is just totally unbelievable especially when you find out what has happened in Carly's past. Carly has had the most awful things happen to her and then more gets revealed and then more, kinda overload on the 'dire' side I felt.

No denying their chemistry though it was hot, it was just a lot didn't add up, the speed of undying love pronounced especially from Joe and then quickly followed by Carly, I wondered if this was all too quick and where the story could go from there. I found some of the positions Carly put herself in was unbelievable considering her past, especially when she saunters back to Slider to 'take her punishment'. What the hell, after her life she should have been running screaming to the hills! And I don't care what kind of code of honour etc etc, that part really peed me off.

Overall though the story did capture me, I just had to get over the bizarreness of some of it and the lightening speed things happened. I think the author skimmed a lot of the events and didn't give the reader the depth that was needed. Would I read it again? - in all honesty probably not. It sadly won't make it into my badass biker read shelf either, yes it's badass biker but it doesn't cut the muster to earn a place on that shelf.