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Everybody Falls - J.A. Hornbuckle .
3.5 stars for this easy going rock romance the emphasize more on 'romance' and less on 'rock'

I am a fan of J.A. Hornbuckle and I was excited to see this new book. So I settled down to enjoy and whilst I did enjoy I didn't love it as much as her other books.

The characters are very likeable and easy to engage with right down to the mother from hell. Grams is adorable as is Sarge but what I struggled with a little was the timeline, what I was reading felt like they had been together for ages and yet it was only a week. This is one of those books where they get together very early on and you wonder where it could from there, well in this case it is a plodder, you were living in their little bubble of escape in the backwaters of Auburn, it was engaging but also bordering on a tad 'itchy feet' sydrome when your hoping something is going to sock you between the eyes and knock you head off your shoulders; this isn't a book that does that. Towards the end was a section that'll give you palpatations and leave you with a gaping mouth and a teary eye. And I have to say getting to that point made it all more worthwhile, it really needed that injection of drama.

This is mostly about Jax coming to terms with handling life, his brothers death and beginning to take responsibilites for himself. Leaving the rocker Jax behind and learning to live with Jackson Wynter. Something that's not easy to do when you have never had to make decisions, or be sober or drug free.

So if you like rock romances with toned down drugs and rock and roll but hottie sex, set in a small town that is peaceful with normal everyday characters that are endearing then you will really enjoy this book. If your after the whole in your face sex, drugs and rock and roll then this is probably not going to be for you.