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Rush - Maya Banks This is one of those BDSM books that leaves me wanting to smack the heroine upside the head several times because of not going 'off the rails' mad when situations are presented and indeed followed through with that scream WHY THE HELL IS HE DOING THAT TO YOU AND WHY ARE YOU ALLOWING IT!

That said I still really, really enjoyed this book, it had enough drama, cringe worthy moments and damn hot scenarios that kept me thoroughly entertained all the way through.

Definitely hot stuff, a dominant male that'll blow your socks off and also make you scream at what an idiot he is too. A gorgeous, sunny girl whose always been smitten with him and enough to allow herself to sign his contract, the contract that is the essence of the book and what causes literally everything!

Glad I read this and will be definitely reading this whole trilogy.

I also have to say though this author is demanding a stupid price for each of these books in this trilogy and I am so glad I was lucky enough to be lent a copy, this is out of a lot of peoples price brackets and especially for what is an erotic bdsm flavoured novel, not some literacy prize winner or educating manual, just an erotic romance. Maya you really need to get with the people and listen to their concerns at the prices being charged especially the kindle prices - ridiculous!