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Fever - Maya Banks .
2.5 stars to 3.0 stars. I thought it ok and liked it but..........

Hmmmm I wanted to enjoy this book much more than I did, it is ok but that's it, that's about it can surmount too for me.

I got cross with the endless waffle, the endless drifts of text between action, so much of it was unnecessary. Those bits were so boring I found myself skipping lots of it. Have to say even their sexy scenes became a little less sizzling and more like a heated simmer, it was as though my attention had been lost because of the unneeded summarisations, this happened even inbetween conversations, the characters would be talking and then off we would go on a tangent and I wanted to scream.

So anyway if you can handle books written like that then your will enjoy this, the plot is very predictable, there was no sense of urgency for the reader to plough through, it was sometimes a bit more like needing to be forceful to finish it.

I can't deny the characters do come to life, the story was ok and the sex was good albeit what I said above. The plot though was weak,the deliverance I would say even weaker, it was padded out far too much and this seriously leaves me wondering about reading the third book, I don't know if I can honestly take it but I would like to know what happens to Ash............sigh, I'll have to leave it a while and see if I can read it in the future.

Also yet again for such an astonishing pricey cost for these books (especially the kindle prices) I think the writing should be outstanding and sadly it isn't. The writing really does not warrant the price tag and there are humungously better authors (especially Indie) out there at a fraction of this cost and I really do wonder where people like Maya get the idea that their high price tags are ok to charge. Again I was able to read a lent paperback, would I ever purchase one of them - no - nuff said.