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Sebastian - Dark Bonds - Janey Rosen .

Yes this really is as gripping as book 1 and actually I could go so far as to say more gripping. I spent the first 10% literally bawling my eyes out. I then spent the next 90% literally with my eyes popping out with what goes on and the turn of events, my heart thudding, the changes that happen and the absolute grip of will he, won't he? Has she, hasn't she? He can't do that, oh yes he can do that! I want to smack him, I want to cuddle him, I want to protect him and I want to sack Scarlett! And I want to give Beth every happiness she deserves.

I couldn't believe the scene at Marcus and Rebecca's at what Sebastian made her do, I can't believe she didn't wallop him a good-un and then Marcus!

I haven't a clue as to where this story is going to go I can only say that I have my own ideas of what I would like to happen but I am so engrossed it I know whatever Janey pens for them in book 3 I am going to love.

Honestly if you like all the erotic contemporary romances/trilogies out there that contain BDSM or very dominant males, then you'll love this trilogy. It's often shocking, sometimes near brutal in Sebastian's deliverance of his requirements, but not in a harmful sense it's the way Sebastian's mind works.

This is very sexual, it's also very secretative, tense, heart wrenching and totally captivating. His dominance is fearless in this book and some of what he subjects Beth to, just makes me squirm. I love reading her thoughts when she complies to what he's asked - no - actually ordered her to do, but her thoughts belie her true feelings that she just can't show him, but she wants to please him and in doing so she goes beyond what she thought she was capable of.

Can't wait to hit book 3, I can't praise Janey enough for such a good read.