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Entwined with You - Sylvia Day Ok I am seriously peed off at the constant deluge of reminders from the author/publishing house that think we the reader need to be reminded of EVERY LITTLE PIECE OF INFO from the previous books. Seriously, it's regurgitated so many times throughout this book that I was sick of it and the story was being really dragged down by major overload of constant 'memory joggers' that flood this book.

In layman terms all I needed to do was read book 3 because this brings you up to speed with the previous 2 books so I really didn't need to have read them before this because I'm reading all about them in a condensed way in book 3 and then with the complete let down of very little moving on story during book 3 I feel completely deprived of a plot that just isn't there anymore. There's a lot of sex and not so much story and a barrage of repetition, so I ask you is this what we really want to pay our money on? For me no, this is simply a rip off.

I am not going to bash this book based on a weak story, because actually the overall story is quite good but it could have just been told in one, maybe two books. And wait - because OMG there is now 5 books in this series. I mean what a total farce to keep dragging this out for financial gain. Let's face it this book 3 was so full of repetitive crap that it shouldn't have been a book 3 in its own right but should have been part of book 2 and half of book 2 should have been book 1. So come on Sylvia Day give us some credence to having brains, we are not your money train and show us some respect as what you’re doing with now having 5 books is leaving us with very little respect for you. This story is being presented to us really badly, it is dreadfully weakened by stringing it out with very little plot and all the repetition fillers. It wasn't necessary, it really wasn't needed and I don't appreciate books that contain so much of it. For such a big standing publishing house and a now `well known' author all I can say is SHAME ON YOU!

This could have been a two book cracker but now with 5 books a lot of readers are going to be alienated because it really isn't needed. And let’s not forgot how long it took to publish book 2 and 3 so now you’re on the wait pile for book 4 - for me no - I absolutely refuse to be led by the drama that will surround this now 5 book series and I will definitely not be reading book 4 and let's face it kudos to FSOG at least E.L. James did the honourable thing and completed her trilogy in three books! And as much as I like Gideon he can blame his creator for switching off his light with the poor deliverance of his story.