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Undressed - Avery Aster I received a copy of this book from abovethetreeline in exchange for an honest review.

Well all I can say is bloody hell! Wasn't quite expecting what I have just read but oh how it had me invested almost immediately. The lifestyle of the rich and famous, fashion designers and Royalty was so in one way over the top, I found it extremely hard to not be pulled into their world.

I did struggle a little with the text at the start, it was like watching whippets, it rolled so fast and phrases turned so quick, it took a little while for my eyes and brain to settle and slow down my usual fast reading pace so I didn't miss anything that then left me confused. Bit like Masi's cars, this is a Lamborgini read, fast and furious.

I absolutely loved Masi, god what an Italian hunk. I wasn't too sure of him when I met him at the Garden Pool, I was a little sceptical then but oh how he soon grew on me. I also loved Lex, although like Masi I wanted her to shut the hell up during the sex scenes. My god this is the first person that I've ever said actually needs gagging at the word go lol.

Now, the sex scenes, where to begin? It's actually the sex scenes that have had me knock a star off. They were too over the top for me, in fact all the sexual encounters left me feeling a bit 'oh my god'. Sometimes it was because of what Lex was spewing out, sometimes it was in my eyes very lewd and lastly I cannot stand a woman's vavajay being called the 'C' word, to me it demeans the whole thing and lowers the tone considerably. Shrug but that's just my opinion. I have to say there is a sex scene in this book that is the first time I have ever encountered this particular act and considering it was their first time together I couldn't believe my eyes what I was reading, wow I have never heard of that before and I don't think of myself as a hermit, I've read hundreds of books but that was DEFINITEY a first for me. Can't say anymore you'll have to read it to find out.

So if you like glitz, glam, roller coaster lifestyles, the fashion world, feisty females and Italian hunks then 'si' you'll love this book. But to warn the sex is 'off the scale erotic' it's taken places that even volcanoes would blow themselves out, for me a tad too pornographic and probably too crude, but hell no-one can deny it's juiciness. To be fair Avery totally warns potential readers of the 'highly' erotic content so we are all fair warned so take heed.

Would I read it again? Oh bloody hell yes, it's great escapism and the only way I'll ever feel I'm living the 'other world' of the rich and famous. ♥