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Beneath the Surface - M.A. Stacie I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

So by day Kyran is a CEO running their father's company alongside his brother Taylor. But by night he is a bare knuckle fighter, venting off his frustrations of what life is throwing at him whilst letting off steam in a chalk ring inside The Metro. Kind off a cool concept and one I hadn't come across yet until now.

Dale is Taylor's new assistance but Taylor is late to the office so Kyran steps in to welcome her into the Company, he finds himself attracted to her straight away but it's just sex right? That's what they embark on a no frills, sex only relationship and this is where the story takes off. Dale after just finding her boyfriend having too close liaisons with her best friend is not really in the market for a boyfriend so she agrees with Kyran and decides a no boyfriend sexual partner is exactly what she needs, no entanglements, no labels, just sex and lots of it. Except the lines of course go a little blurry and get a tad confusing for her.

What I truly found with this book is there were little pockets within the story that were for want of a better way of describing it; a bit waffly. Sometimes the text droned on a tad more than I would like but and I nod my head, the actual story keeps you engaged and let's you forgive the author because in other places the text is really rather punchy, up to date and I can honestly say a bit clever. Don't get me wrong it's not wordy, but your in a serious situation and she delivers a few lines of text that you can't help but sit there and smile about the way it's been lightened up.

I enjoyed the chemistry, it was undeniable between them and the steamy side was written and delivered extremely well. For a book that doesn't actually contain a single ex partner fighting for what they've lost or causing agro, I can definitely say there is enough drama going on away that you don't realise you've not been subjected to the usual angsty storyline like that, it had it's angst but it was between them only.

All in all I am really pleased I got a chance to give this a go. I would probably have bought it at some point anyway, as just by reading the blurb it would be a book I would read and I know now after reading it that I would not have been disappointed if I had spent my hard earned cash on it.