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Close Obsession - Anna Zaires I can't quite put my finger on why I like these books so much. It's kinda strange because in reality there is not a lot that actually goes on in this book but it's totally entertaining at the same time! Quite a surprise for me, there is an underlying smidge of suspense all the way through, but I think the whole book literally surrounds their relationship and in this book Mia learns to live within a Krinar compound and immerses herself into their culture a bit.

I really like the way I totally get their 'kind' I can really see these being made into a TV series, a bit like 'V' I suppose, the whole concept of Krinars and The K feels so real, so kudos to Anna for producing such a realistic world at our fingertips. Not only is the world building done extremely well so is the passion and Mia and Korum's sexual intensity is off the scale! Wowsers it's hot!

These Krinar books have captivated me, I really enjoy the para element, I'm totally digging their relationship, Mia isn't a helpless female but she's also not fierce and demanding, she is really likeable. Korum, he's hot, he's domineering, he's commanding, his presence can be felt immediately and his slight aloofness is enough to keep you on tender hooks as to what he might do. His enemies are the suspense that hangs in the background. It seemed so quick to get to the end of this book and then I sat there thinking well heck, hardly anything actually happened and the thing that did was started and finised a bit quick but I can honestly say I still really enjoyed the ride.

I am looking forward to the final book about Mia and Korum and thank all things cosmic that it is out already because I honestly don't want to have to wait to find out more about them.