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Redesigned - Denise Grover Swank ♥♥♥ God ♥ I ♥ Love ♥ This ♥ Series! ♥♥♥

Who would have thought that writing about a math geek could be so sexy, well Denise obviously did and I totally agree as wow what a sexy story she pens. This series is just amazing and yes I am gushing about it and I know not all will take to it like me but can't you tell I happen to absolutely love it!

For all those die-hard romantics out there, this is a must read as was After Math. Denise writes such an amazingly deep story that pulls on your emotions and you'll find yourself blubbering a lot on Caroline's journey with Reed. Oh god I loved Caroline, her upbringing was so heart wrenching and then visiting with the kids at the Middle Tennessee Children's Charity and what that entails. And then her Mum, wow this girl had me on a massive emotional rollercoaster. She carries her secret so close, she's so afraid of ending back where she came from.

Reed, the math nerd, tall, dark and handsome and the man that is more than meets the eye, you find yourself routing for him. I loved his quirky geeky side and his dirtier side. I felt his hurt right at the start at the party and was immediately on side with him even when he was being an arse.

I feel the same with this book 2 as I did with After Math, I find that although this is based around college it's read much more adult, not childish at all with the usual comings and goings that you get in college reads and maybe that is what some people won't get, it's definitely a much more grown up read.

So I can't help it, my inner romantic is fully sated when I am reading this series and whilst I can understand some might not get this as sexy and romantic on the level that I do, but I read full on erotica novels, tame romantic novels and these types which I class as inbetweeners. It's written very sexy, but the sex scenes are discreet, not what I would class as cute, they are very sexy and Denise gets the scene to you without having to mention erotic words and I find them very enjoyably presented. They are not hardcore but they are steamyish. So don't be disappointed when you don't find these are as adult as some novels out there at the moment. They are adult but on a scale of 1 to 10 I would mark them as between a 5 and a 6. But to be honest I think if Denise wrote this at the high end of adult they honestly wouldn't work so well as they do because as far as I'm concerned she's got the mix perfect.

This series is probably one of those love/hate, I love it but I do appreciate that not all will. I didn't find it sappy, it's highly emotional, a well thought out storyline and a great romance with believable characters. Really looking forward to more books in this series, I am a total Off the Subject fan and I would recommend this to all die-hard romantics that love emotional stories with a HEA.