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Tears of Tess - Pepper Winters If a book has left it's imprint on you and you know your going to be stuck as to what to read next because what you have just read is replaying in your brain over and over and it's hard to let go of. In other words you know you've just read a damn good read. This book does stay with you, and I was so pleased at the end to see there is a book 2. Don't be put off by that, this book does not contain a cliffhanger but does leave you wanting to carry on their story and like I say I was so pleased to see it hasn't come to an end yet.

Being 100% truthful I struggled a smidge with Tess's acceptance of her dark side, when she was struggling with Brax she let us know that she wanted more than missionary and wham bam thank you Mam, but I was a bit shocked at the level of what she would go to and I still struggle with men that would want to harm somebody they connected with. So Q disappoints me a little that he wants to harm Tess as much as he does. Yes I get about his past and he enjoys life on the dark side but surely when they find their soul partner (so to speak) they wouldn't want to break blood with them?

But..... and I mean this, I get this book is dark and I get that it wasn't going to sit well with me sometimes, but I am grown up enough to admit fascinating writing and to read subject matter that I find a lot shocking is just downright riveting sometimes. This story I find is powerfully presented. It's disturbing on a lot of levels, contains harrowing scenes, but it also contains hope, belonging, a person finding themself and passion.

I did come across some typos and one that made me laugh was this line - With another hand, he found my centre, - I just had to laugh because what the heck! How many hands does he have then! Methinks that should have read - With his other hand....... lol :0) Anyways it was nice to have the heaviness lifted with a little giggle over that one.

I Really enjoyed Tears for Tess, it is definitely not going to be everyone's cup of tea, if you loved The Tied Man, Captured in the Dark, Seduced in the Dark, Escape from Paradise, The Dark Light of Day to name a few you will really enjoy this. If you can't handle slave, capture, rape and general unrelenting mind-slewing dark scenarios then you'll want to stay clear of books like this; you have been warned!