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Unbeautifully - Madeline Sheehan Well I got to admit that again Madeline has penned an 'undeniably' good read full of angst, hardship, brotherhood and deep seated loyalties. A fiery love story that is as harrowingly haunting as it is beautifully full on. Oh how I missed getting down and dirty with the Horsemen!

But and I hope I don't get lynched by others because of the following, I actually struggled to fall into this story. Book 1 had me gripped in it's jaws immediately, this one took me a little while and I found I was a little bored at the start because of there was loads of passages of reminiscing text by a lot of the characters. I also struggled a little with the way we had to have the past offered up sporadically. I was fully seated into the story though at 75% when suddenly we were in the present, the story unfolded into the here and now and that redeemed it massively for me. Me personally I am not so keen on books that constantly delve into a character reminiscing the past and also characters that mull over their thoughts a lot and do a lot of 'what if's' and this book had a fair amount of those at the start and the middle. Because of this it didn't seem so action packed at the start. But and this is why I don't want to get lynched and shot down, I still really, really love Madeline and her writing style (without the reminiscing bits). Maybe at the beginning of this book I just wasn't in the right frame of mind I don't know but I did struggle and hey if you look at the 109 reviews before me nobody else seemed too or maybe they just didn't want to pick holes because we all love Madeline regardless, but it's what I felt so it's what I am telling you.

Don't get me wrong (so please don't shoot me), as I said I really did enjoy this book, I just didn't find it quite as amazing as book 1 (I'm sorry!). Maybe I was over the shock and awe factor of how Madeline writes after book 1, so what I was reading was of no real surprise whereas in book 1 it was all totally fresh and in your face, shocking and riveting - bit like that saying - been there done that..........

Totally glad I read it though, it'll still go on my favourites shelf as I can't deny it is a powerful no holds barred biker read and I am looking forward to book 3.