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Ruin - C.J.  Scott I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Firstly I have to say it's the cover that draws you to this book. It's an excellently presented piece of artwork for sure. Hot dude, the house gives an idea of connection. The black and white photography with the colourful title is very visually stimulating altogether; yes I would say this book cover is certainly enticing indeed.

This story is short and a quick read. Because of that though I found the plot rushed and hard to fully sink into.

I also really struggled to connect with the heroine; Kate. On the one hand she was portrayed as kind and helpful but what alienated her to me was how she spoke and interacted with her parents. I am a parent, my oldest a teenager, how Kate spoke to her parents was just like a stroppy teenager who felt everything was unfair towards them, this to me is not the actions of a 21 year old. So I found her behaviour quite juvenile and hard to warm too. But when she was being thoughtful like when she purchased food for Jane and Mrs M. this was a side of her I liked and could interact with.

Ben was the saviour in my eyes, he is a likeable man. Kind, caring and thoughtful. He was troubled though and you could guess what the connection was in the story from very early on. What I found slightly strange was the role reversal of Ben being the good, sensible and almost virginal character and Kate being the promiscuous, drug experimenting, drunken one. This again did little to warm me to her, I don't like reading girls/women portrayed in the light that Kate was, don't get me wrong I don't like meek and doormat heroines either, I just don't like immature, self centered, slightly selfish characters as in how Kate came across to me.

So all in all this is an OK read, it's quick and I feel perhaps too quick. I would have liked to get to know the characters more and the plot to have been building with the mystery surrounding why Ben says he can't be with Kate. It was too condensed in my eyes and left you little time to get to know them fully, but that's just how I feel. Some of it felt unbelievable and I don't feel the plot was suspenseful enough, it was easy to work it all out before the reveal. Will I read the next book about Jane, in truth I am really not sure, I am certainly not drawn to adding it to be 'to read' pile.