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Unforgiven - Elizabeth Finn .
The pendulum swung between 3 to 3.5 and even 4.0 stars during this book.

Oooh this is a hard one to review, on the one hand I did enjoy this book but on the other hand I struggled with it and I am so frustrated because Elizabeth Finn is one of my favourite authors and I really don't want to not give a rave review for any of her work.

I was one of those that was absolutely awe struck with Elizabeth's book The Devil's Pawn and I really enjoyed Restoring Jordan, this book however was ok and sometimes really enjoyable and then it fell back to being ok.

I couldn't fathom how anyone would want to be subjected to the kind of anger/hate that Darren was throwing her way. I mean the episode in the bedroom when she was listening to his conversation with his mum well, I would have never forgiven him for saying those words because once words are spoken they can never be retracted no matter how much the giver of those words say they didn't mean to say them. There were many times she should have just left, maybe I am the unforgiving one but had Bailey not suffered enough! She was not around for her father, she lost her only job because of Darren (even then I would have screamed and shouted at him for being an arsehole! Considering the conversation he had with her father I can't believe he was doing the things he was doing, so hurtful and so hateful, yes I got that he was struggling to get over what happened but his parents had got passed it, he saw how Bailey was struggling and still he was relentless in his treatment of her.

I also found this slightly endless in places, it wasn't feeling really riveting enough, but maybe that's because of me not being able to fully like Bailey. I don't know but I found myself on numerous occasions looking at what percentage I had got to. I also didn't enjoy the swing from past to present especially when we're still visiting the past after the event, I thought then it would kick off and stay in the present and how they were going to deal.

Maybe I truly haven't been 'in love' in the true sense of what we read about, you know when we would forgive anything and take anything thrown at us, well I am sorry I can't see that happening in real life, there are many more fish in the pond so to speak, first loves or not - or am I being hyper critical and a bit black and white? Arggghhhh this book is making me question myself! Makes me think I am a hard biatch! (Which I'm not - honest!) Which I know also means I'm interacting with the book, but just not so much in the way I wanted to be :0)

I was 100% feeling the pain of Bailey and had tears several times but it wasn't enough for me to fully immerse in this book. Elizabeth is still one of my favourite authors and I think I will revist this book again at another time and see if it was just me and not in the right headspace at the time of reading it the first time, because let's face that can happen.