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The Proposition - Jennifer Lyon Firstly the price drew me in and then rather quickly the words.

The mystery surrounding Kat and her mugging is always festering in the background. Also David and his connection to the mugging, is she dreaming or is her flashbacks pointing her to the truth. Kat's character was written extremely well, she could have come across as a wishy washy heroine but oh no, Kat has claws but she also has insecurities which in part is since the mugging. Her parents are total A-holes and her life has been an uphill struggle but she hasn't let that get her down. She meets this tall, dark and brooding man; Sloane who notices her hiding and engages with her straight away. Little does Kat know that Sloane also has a past that torments him and he notices in her a difference to all the other plus one's he has ever had and he's automatically drawn to her.

This is the beginning of their relationship and whether Kat is going to let him into her world but it's also whether Sloane can continue to hide his vendetta and this is what makes it a page turner, you need to know more of what happened to her and you want to see which way Sloane is going to go.

The secondary characters also play a major role, they all have purpose whether you love them as in Kellan or hate them as in her parents.

An interesting start to this trilogy, I am looking forward to the next instalment.