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Obsession - Jennifer Lyon What more can I say, I absolutely loved this trilogy, my only neg would be the size of each book buy hey I absolutely cannot fault reading these books.

I honestly feel for a very refreshing change that this third and final book actually delivered a little bit more than it's predecessors. What I mean by that is was full on, it hadn't petered out to just tying things up. This was so full of turns and truths coming to light, hey you might even view the parents in a different light after this one! what was Dr D...head up to? What is Sloane going to do about Sara's revenge?

The pulse was humming all the way through this book and I would without a doubt recommend these three books to any NA romance novel lovers who likes a bit more than just steam, alpha males, fiesty heroines and a whole host of great characters. I will love Drake forever and Kellen, I would love a friend like him. The plot was extremely well presented as were all the people you come across. Sloane and Kat are excellent leads and their whole plus one relationship was extremely fun to follow.

I am definitely going to be reading more Jennifer Lyon after these.