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Hard to Handle - Jessica Lemmon 3.5 stars

I received this book from Netgalley in return for an honest review.

I am another reader that this is the first time I have come across Jessica Lemmon and I am glad that I have now been introduced to this author. I am sad though that I didn't realise this was book 2 until I went to write the review. I wish I had read book 1 first.

I enjoyed - for want of putting it any better - the sweetness of their story. Aiden had walked away from Sadie for very noble reasons when he unceremoniously dumped her and this is their journey getting back together and I have to say was an enjoyable read. I can't say it blew my mind and was unputdownable but it was definitely an enjoyable and certainly engaging romance. If I am brutally honest I didn't warm to Sadie as much as I did Aiden. I found the reveal about her a bit hard to swallow especially after the way she behaves with dating so many men, but I did like her strong character.

I think everyone is going to love Aiden, he's got a Harley - there's one tick. He's got a tattoo - there's two ticks. He's got flaws and baggage - there's three ticks. He's not your ususal alpha dominating male (although in some bits it would have been better if he was.

Glad I read this, just wish I had read book 1 first but from reading this I will go and read the first and then continue with any other books from the pen of Jessica Lemmon.