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Palm Springs Heat (Fast Lane Romance, #1)

Palm Springs Heat (Fast Lane Romance, #1) - DC Thome I am still smiling and chuckling a bit after reading the blurb at the end of the book from the author. I love where he wrote writing the sex scenes cracked him up! Have to say though after getting control of himself he did a mighty fine job of writing 'cracking' good sex scenes :0)

Okay so who isn't going to be a bit sceptical about reading an erotic romance written by a bloke? I know I sure was but I can promise you though it's written really well and honestly take no notice it's been penned by a man (if that scares you off), it's really good, no actually it's better than good!

He got into Lara's head brilliantly and he wrote with real confidence of all things womanly. Of course Clay's character oozes sex appeal and a swoon worthy personna, he's quite a delicious main character.

The storyline was really good, I loved the idea of 'The Rotation' and keeping up the company image. I even liked the sleaze bucket of an ex husband and boy did that man ever needed to get 'toasted'. Read the book you'll understand what I mean!