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My Heart Says Yes - Emma & Caleb (The Blakely Sisters #1) - Ashley  Blake oh my this book really isn't my cup of tea. I was expecting the normal edgy contemporary romance of nowadays but got something that was so sickly sweet it drove me nuts.

The author seemed to feel the need to articulate every detail and sometimes several times over ARGHHHH. And oh how many times were sentences just SO agreeable. Arghhh I wanted some bite, some angst, some realness.

I also truly felt the writing was totally disconnected, it wasn't fluid at all and often cringe worthy, I am so sorry to have to say that, but sadly this book just isn't up there as anywhere near good enough in my eyes. It's just too flowery and sugary and and and............. I could go on and on.

So sadly this is a book I will never read again and sadly the only way it will stick in my head is because of my reaction to it.