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Up to Me (The Bad Boys, #2)

Up to Me (The Bad Boys, #2) - M. Leighton 4.5 stars for book two of this series.

Why did it drop a half star for me? To be honest I'm not entirely sure, if anything maybe I felt it wasn't quite so action packed as book one, quite so suspenseful? But lets face it, it's still a rollicking good read.

Cash/Nash are still as dreamy as ever, Liv is still quintessentially a forgiving soul, still coming to terms with being drawn to 'bad boys' and just being as gorgeous as ever. I loved Gavin and his badassness and Ginger and her 'awesomeness' lol.

Definitely full of engaging characters that keep us drawn like moths to a flame, much like Liv is drawn to Cash.

Looking forward to book three and how that pans out.