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Heaven Inside You

Heaven Inside You - Mina Snowe This book for me was not at all a good read.

Pace was far too fast, but also filled with so much waffle. For instance there is 21 paragraphs (and not small ones) from the first 'We finally meet' from Cole for him to then say 'Hello this is Cole' I mean come on WTH! I get so frustrated when an author dives off the here and now to go over past, it's just filler to me and most of it could be edited out completely.

I didn't like the sex scenes, these weren't written in good taste in my eyes. I actually don't like the 'C' word being used for a woman's vagina and when Mina used this word to describe Olivia's that was the last straw for me turning it from erotic in good taste, to erotic in poor taste. There are so many sexy, erotic books out there that don't trash themselves with nasty words I get surprised when I still see it used. But then each to their own, what is not in good taste to me will no doubt sit very comfortably with another reader.