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Fire After Dark (After Dark, #1)

Fire After Dark (After Dark, #1) - Sadie Matthews I settled to start reading this last night about 9pm, BAM then I realised it was midnight and the last three hours had just gone by in seconds! You know it's a good book when time disintigrates like that.

This book sucked me in immediately. Beth's character is warm, engaging and it's fun going along with her as she discovers a bit about herself. Dominic's character has that hedonistic aura, he's sex on legs and you feel compelled by him to like him but he's unfortunately baggaged with his darker side.

You'll find yourself shouting at them through the book, I was screaming at Beth in places, no don't do it, don't even try to succumb, it'll end in tears. And then the explosive scene, my heart was racing and I was again shouting, go on scream at him, don't do this!!!

Quite simply, this book is very visual, gripping, sexy, suspenseful and just absolutely riveting.

Can't wait to indulge and immerse myself in book 2