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Fate Interrupted 2 (Fate Interrupted, #2)

Fate Interrupted 2 (Fate Interrupted, #2) - Kaitlyn Cross After reading book one I was eager to read book two to find out what was going to happen to Evy and Dean and I have to say as I began to read book two it just didn't hold my attention as much as book one.

I found myself cross at what Dean what letting happen around him, in this day and age even with imminent threats there are ways and means to not fall victim to pressures of high powered people or fight for your rights better than he did and I just found the oompf lacking in the predicament they were in. I thought for a lawyer he would have more intelligence than was portrayed to fall further and further under Clay's thumb.

The character that captured me most was actually Megan, clearly that girl is one sheet short of a full bed set! But it was her bizarre personality that actually made her very readable. One of those you love to hate.

I did love the comments that would fly out of Ben's mouth, him and Brook were quite entertaining.

Although this book has wit in as well, I didn't find it as witty as book one, it didn't flow so well in this book. I actually can't quite put my finger on what I felt was missing this time but for me although a good read it just didn't have the finish of being able to say 'that was a great' read.

These two books had the Snap and the Crackle but for me sadly they lost some of the Pop.