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All That He Desires (The Billionaire's Seduction, #2) - Olivia Thorne I am not even going to apologise but I absolutely refuse to give this 4 stars even though it may be worthy of it, for half an hours pleasure the cost of this book is way, way, way too expensive and I honestly think it's why there are very few reviews for it the buyers are being put off.

But truth be told it isn't quite worthy of 4 stars in my opinion as this is book 2 so we're now about 160 odd pages into this series now and it's still the same day they've met. Yes the writing is really, really engaging but I am truly worried at this rate how long this is going to get strung out for at the price being charged and how much this could potentially cost me. It's going to be more expensive that the really well known authors out there.

I honestly do love Olivia's writing style, it's catchy, engaging and you easily get drawn into the story and I happen to love Connor and Lily, I do wonder where this is going but I will muster on but may give up after the next instalment if not much more happens which is really sad. I did notice that book 3 has a bigger page content than 1 and 2 and that's ultimately what persuaded me to take the plunge and purchase book 2.

So anyway my star count for this is 3.5 stars without knocking off the 1/2 star for the sheer price against page count. T I am almost torn to give 4 stars as the easy wit and writing style definitely make it too hard to resist, but I honestly think that book 2 should have been kept at the same price as book 1, it would have been snapped up by so many more readers at that price. So the author needs to weigh up quantity versus cost.