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Documentary (Documentary, #1)

Documentary (Documentary, #1) - A.J. Sand This book really is a whole lot more than your expecting. Yes it's typically a Rock star romance but it's also a lot, lot more. It's actually quite deep and captures a situation that none of us would hope to find ourselves in and it explores it in such a way that your drawn into finding out why Kai is not willing to share why he punched the living daylights out of his previous friend. Who is he protecting and why?

Dylan's character is mostly a fun character, she's social, independant, very pretty but doesn't flaunt it, she's also in pain from the loss of her brother and what you find her doing as she tries to deal with the loss is very emotional and you can't help but love her a bit more but then feel frustrated that she can't live her own life.

Now to the brutally honest bit, yes there are some bits in this book that are a little drawn out and I really found the use of up to three different names for one character so annoying as in Meleko aka Leko aka Lek............. god why couldn't the author just stuck at one name. It wasn't just him either nearly all of them had different names at some point except Kai, but then no there was the paragraph that told you his full name, but at least Kai was only used the rest of the time. So just to let you know A.J. Sand, doing that can be so confusing for even sharp minded people, I am assuming there is going to be a book 2 because of where it was left, please, please, please one name per character in the next one!

Anyways even with those little gripes of mine you can't help but give this book 5 stars with a view to saying it's a definite 4.5 star read, as the story is put together and presented so well, it's one that won't exactly remain with you forever but it does leave you thinking about them as in the whole bunch of characters that you meet. Not only does Kai and Dylan capture you, but so does Wes (love his outlook), Abel, Heath, Leko, Chase, Jeremy, Erica, Jamie, Low, Kate........... they'll all seat themselves in your head and become your friends(or not in some cases) too while you read this book.