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Para ♦ Suspense ♦ Dystopian ♦ New Adult ♦ Contemporary ♦ Erotica ♦ What's the connection?....... Romance of course!
Billionaire Bad Boy - Kendra Little Zach a commitment phobe, sexy as hell playboy billionaire.

Annie a five foot two spitfire with absolutely no interest in flaunting herself, flirting, or trying to be young, hip and happening.

They meet, Zach's mission is to change her into a young, hip and happening, sexy flirt so that her Agency can land an up and coming Artist, who so far has not been impressed with their Agency and how they project themselves. Along the way Zach and Annie get into situations that far out of Annie's comfort zone but she goes along with them anyway and each time their attraction gets stronger and stronger.

But what I loved most about this book is the fantastic deliverance of one liners and scenes that are so funny you can't help but burst into out loud laughter. Kendra has a really great chatty prose and her characters are so life like and feel real I think anyone would find it hard not to connect with them.

This book has it all it, oodles of sexiness, hot guys, extremely funny moments, fun scenes and a great romance. I am so glad I read this book for a bit of lightheartedness adult romance and will definitely be reading other books by Kendra Little.