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12 Rounds (Knockout, #1)

12 Rounds (Knockout, #1) - Lauren Hammond This book will grab you and pull you into Sean and Hadlee's world really quickly. There are a smattering of typo's throughout the book but not enough to detract from the story and what a story it is.

Sean, sold his soul to the Brotherhood and has ever since been living to serve Connie and stay alive. He also one night saved a girl from being raped and killed. Sean is a womanising, muscle bound bad guy, all he sees in women is tits and arse and them giving him a good time to satisfy his needs, he's never ever wanted to connect with any of them other than between the sheets.

Hadlee is that girl he saved and by chance and circumstances they meet again. Hadlee is portrayed really well, wouldn't we all have issues after suffering an attack like that, I know I would. Her best friend is the only person that actually gets and understands Hadlee and her difficulties in trying to get over the attack. She's meets Sean and and something stirs in her.

But Sean is under Connie's arm and he is a constant in Sean's life, he has to keep Connie sweet so he sister stays safe. The underlying current that runs through this book is the claw that has grabbed you. You can't not read on, your hooked on what Connie might do, Sean might do and how will Hadlee cope if she finds out about the brotherhood.

I had to knock a star off though for two reasons, I felt the author did waffle on occasions and this I find frustrating. Especially when the waffle happens mid conversation. That said though this book still had me hooked. The second reason I knocked off the star I was extremely frustrated when I got to the end to find out it wasn't the end, yeah I could have seen it said series and I did, but often series go off with other characters, this is not one of those series, it'll be all about Sean and Hadlee. So now I am left wondering how long am I going to have to wait to read on............. and I hate to wait :(