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Misguided Heart (Misguided Series, #1)

Misguided Heart (Misguided Series, #1) - Amanda  Bennett
3.5 stars

OK when I first picked this book up I had a real hard time sinking into the story. I can't quite put my finger on why either that I couldn't settle on it. Was it because she was professing love from her previous two boyfriends and found an awful lot of men hot and do-able? Or was it his attitude towards the attraction to Aston?

But I have to say though it did get much better the more I read and although I still felt I could put this book down at any minute I was happy to read on. I enjoyed the way the author wrote a scene and then skimmed over it from the other person's POV, she never drew out it to be long winded which I appreciate.

This is a good romance but to be truthful it does lack a certain something, nothing major but there is definitely something missing. I can't deny the scenes between Sloan and Aston were very hot, I loved her sassy attitude, but I think there was too much off he liked something and oh she did as well, he rode a bike and oh she did as well..........

All in all it was a pleasant way to wile away a few hours, with a fair bit of hotness thrown in for good measure.