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Dark Desire (Dark Brother, #2) - Bec Botefuhr
Can you see me I am screaming from the roof top - NOOOOO!! Another cliffhanger!!! Although in this instance I am not cross, yeah that's a first for me. Maybe it's because the final books should be out in a matter of weeks - oh pretty please I am begging! I can't freakin wait to read the final book, I can't believe where Bec's mind went when she was writing this trilogy, all I can say is it went somewhere awesome.

You think you know where the story is going, you think you've worked out the twists and turns and yeah some of what your thinking does happen and then BAM Bec throws you a loop and something entirely different happens. I expected Sharleen to be somewhat of a bitch and I was right, I then when she met who she did on the beach I kinda expected what he was to everything and I was right but OH BOY I was not expecting the reason why. That flew off the pages and hit my brain and I was thinking wow now that was a great twist on things.

These books have everything, they are hot, steaming, raunchy and oodles of sexiness. They ooze suspense and some damn good plotting and yes they are dark, very dark in places, but then that only adds to the whole encompassing edginess of this riveting read.

Full of great people, ones you love, ones you love to hate, ones you just friggin hate to the core and ones that make you chuckle.

Can't rave enough about these books, as I said in my review on book 1, if your looking for edgy romance, danger, suspense, dark, emotional and twists that you don't see coming you will truly enjoy these books.